5 things your hair needs now

Oktober 23, 2016

5 things your hair needs now

Autumn has lovely colours but is also cool and dry so say tschuss to humidity! To deal with that, we have 5 little things to do:


1. Increase Moisture

Fall comes with naturally drier air. Combine that with wind, heaters, and increased usage of blow dryers and flat irons, and you got it. A moisturizing mask added to your hair routine twice a week, can help deeply nourish hair, aiding in preventing split ends and breakage.


2. Go along with Nature

The darker the days, the darker your hair … Highlights and lighter shades look gorgeous all year long, but there's a reason a stunning ombre of brunettes pop up around this time. Lighter shades fade as you spend more time indoors due to the cold. Our best tip is to go one shade darker, trying the roots to ensure a natural transition.


3. Get more Volume

When the temperature drops in the Fall, so does the water content in the air, which may cause hair to lose its energy. Give roots a spritz of volume spray, blow dry hair while hanging your head upside down, and style using a round brush.


4. Smooth Static down

I love hats and scarves but they create too much static. To keep fly-away strands in place, use styling products such as an oil serum to smooth and add shine. Applied before using a blow dryer or curling iron, protective creams and sprays help shield hair from heat styling damage. Apply products while hair is still damp. This will help you work it through your hair evenly.


5. Have a perfect excuse

Just relax and think about what would be your best 30-min treat!

And that is it... Create your new fall routine, wrap yourselves in a cosy long and thick scarf and welcome this new season.
With love,
Mia Lou