Welcome Ladies

Juni 01, 2016

Welcome Ladies

I cannot believe we are on! This is such a great feeling the first time you see your “baby” online! … and I just want to say thank you for visiting, thank you for reading this and thank you for all the lovely future words I am sure you will be sharing with us.

When I decided to write this first blog, I thought a lot about different topics, way of writing, the interest of the content, etc. and it was difficult to decide. I starting searching and researching to bring all those interesting ideas and wonderful things that you may be interested in reading, sharing, commenting … I have realized that there is so much out there, we can’t even imagine the amount of great stuff we read and are confronted with … therefore I have decided to blend it all in just few words…

Long, short, brunette, blond, red, thick, thin … hair… it doesn’t really matter, there is always a solution to colour, hairstyle or care. What really matters, is that you do something with it that will make you glow, that will make you feel that you own the world … Believe or not your hair is your frame and like any piece of art, you want to get the admiration, first from you … then from the others. Therefore … look at the mirror, take the first glowing step and do it.

I wish you deeply a wonderful moment, enjoy the privilege of the “me” time and let Mia Lou be the colour to be you