Mia Lou at the Women's Expo

April 25, 2017

Mia Lou at the Women's Expo

We were so impressed of what is going on in the entrepreneurial women's world.

I met Lisa last year while visiting the Women Expo in 2016. I liked the approach of putting together different businesses run by women. It is about doing business for and with women, it is about learning about each other and take the best of it and it is about supporting with our expertise the diverse ideas and projects that are flourishing around. 

Mia Lou Haarfarbe Haarstudio-in-a-Box

We immediately identified ourselves with those thoughts and decided to support it with our presence this year. It was simply great. There was such a nice ambiance … The discussions were serious, transparent, and respectfully. We have the opportunity to get feedback from real women who shared same dilemmas when it gets to hair …  

It was really enriching and fun to share my personal experience with hair colouring because at the end of the day we were just two women talking about our hair issues and how did we solved it … no matter who we were, or from where did we come from and that … was simply precious.

Thank you all for sharing that with me and for making me feel a little bit part of you.


Maria Luisa