The dress-over-pants fit

Juli 28, 2016

The dress-over-pants fit

What I love from these ladies is their natural hair colour and styling combined with an attractive and bold looks.

Laying dress over pants were very popular in 2014 and are coming back (or maybe they did not even left) but are great but chilling summer days. I found some tips via blogovin on how to style them as it could be tricky. 


By Cass Bird for Vogue



1 - Embrace Neutrals : a look that would typically feel busy actually looks quite simple if you stick with white, black, and camel.

2 - Layer with seamless pants or leggings : layering with a really thin legging-like pant underneath is another option that will do the trick.

3 - Keep things loose: oversized pieces will create a roomy look that will flow better together.

4 - Go bold with a matched set: matching fabrics will give the whole outfit a really sophisticated and fashion-forward feel.



By The Chronicles of Her



By Sandra Semburg



By Getty Images



By Ellen Claesson 



By Christian Vierig for Getty