The International Bloggerin

März 19, 2017

The International Bloggerin

Beatrice is Italian, has three daughters, is married and lives in Zurich. Beatrice studied literature and languages in Pisa, then worked in London for nine years as a bond broker, moved to New York in 2000 and finally to Zurich. She loves fashion, psychology, traveling, running, art and beauty. She thinks that everybody who looks for beauty in everyday life and situations lives a healthy, fun, meaningful and happy life.


 "I used to leave my hair-colouring to the last minute, rush to a shop and buy a product - any product whose package appealed to me. Now that I have tried how soft Mia Lou feels, I stick to it and even plan my monthly touch-up without stress. Shades are great and shine too - but what I like mostly is the softness."


Bea's Choice

She uses Mia Lou Granito Brown - 5.0 to cover her roots. In summer we will try some Bario Light Brown - 6.0.

Take a look and find the colour to be you!


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