“Or just summery, wild curls”

September 23, 2019

“Or just summery, wild curls”

An interview with TAGBLATT 
Business Lunch: “Or just summery, wild curls”
The St.Gallen online start-up Mia Lou by Maria Luisa Fuchs offers advice and products for hair coloring and care. The founder is also a committed SME woman.

How often do you change your hair color throughout the year?

Not just the color but also the style, depending on the season. In cold periods, i.e. autumn and winter, the color is darker and in warm spring and summer times it is lighter; Depending on the weather, stretched, raised or simply summery wild curls.

And why did Switzerland wait for Mia Lou?

Because every woman has a Mia Lou in her. She just has to discover them. Mia Lou is self-confident, shows presence with a wonderful warmth and is a charming doer.

Mia Lou hair color

Are there also men among your customers?

Of course. But they are still in the minority.

You are involved as an SME woman. What needs to be improved in Eastern Switzerland?

I get involved because I believe in the potential of women, especially the younger generations. That's why I'm also involved in promoting female entrepreneurship at the University of St.Gallen and, as a board member of Fuchs-Molkerei, I support its further development. I have met incredible women who have a wide range of knowledge, are highly committed and radiate a lot of empathy. We should give a voice to the many hidden heroines to inspire other women.

Consulting, hotel and casino are among your professional positions. Why your own start-up now?

The timing is just perfect! I have seen a lot, done a lot and gained experience. I wanted to take this package and recombine it to create and develop a market. This is how Mia Lou came into being. In addition, I now have enough patience and foresight to be able to let a concept grow.

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