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Mia Lou hair color

I've been coloring my hair since I was twenty. At the beginning it was pure joy in fashion. Well, there was also a bit of self-discovery involved. But suddenly I discovered what makes us all jump: the first gray hair.

Over time there were more and more of them. And of course I colored the gray strands. Mostly at the hairdresser and sometimes with packs from the supermarket. The former made me happy, but became more and more complicated. Ultimately, I had to juggle more and more appointments between family, work, household and relationships. Who wants to sit around in the hair salon for hours?

I was left with the choice:
Coloring my hair because I have to – or want to?

You guessed it. I decided on the second option and found a solution that gives me both: salon quality when coloring my hair and more time at home. That's exactly what I want to share with you. Take time for yourself and your beauty - without having to jump from appointment to appointment.

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Maria Luisa

Mia Lou portrait - Who is Mia Lou

I developed Mia Lou – and have been a customer from the very beginning.

What I love about Mia Lou? When the box is in the mailbox, I have the perfect excuse to take a 30-minute break. And I still feel good and beautiful afterwards.



I make sure that letters and pixels are in the right place.

What I love about Mia Lou? I find the idea of ​​combining the useful with the pleasant fascinating. Too bad it doesn't work on my beard.



I'm a hair stylist, color expert - and enthusiastic about Mia Lou.

What I love about Mia Lou? The quality of the products is excellent. This is how brilliant results can be achieved. And the fact that the box is sent home is just practical.



I write, photograph and film with passion for Mia Lou.

What I love about Mia Lou? It's not just a product. There is a small world behind it, with lots of tips, tricks - and a community that is good for the heart and soul.



I designed Mia Lou's logo and packaging.

What I love about Mia Lou? The concept is a recipe for stress-free everyday life and still inspires me to keep trying out new colors.