Mia Lou Hair Studio-in-a-Box

With a lot of commitment and attention to detail, we have developed a concept that makes coloring hair at home a pleasure. Because the Mia Lou Box contains all the components that are needed for a result that you know from your hairdresser.

This is in your box

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

Unique: hair studio in a box

As stylish as it is practical. Each box is put together individually and by hand. There you will find all the components as well as instructions so you can't go wrong. The box also serves as a workstation where everything is within easy reach. And finally, you can recycle everything. Pretty practical.

Hair color with argan oil | Mia Lou

Radiant salon colors

60ml hair color with natural argan oil and no ammonia. The gentle formula impresses with fantastic coverage of gray strands and gives your hair new, natural, shiny and long-lasting color. All Mia Lou colorings are manufactured according to strict EU standards in Italy, the land of fashion and beauty.

Hair color with argan oil | Mia Lou

Fragrant developer

The 60ml developer is mixed with the color and creates a honey-like consistency. The color can be applied directly and precisely thanks to the clever, integrated dosing comb. Guaranteed no mess.

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

Hair care shampoo and conditioner

Nourishing, restructuring shampoo and gentle conditioner with linseed and lime. This makes your hair wonderfully soft, lively and easy to comb.

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

Protective skin cream and cleansing cloth

Protective moisturizer with chamomile and salvia extracts. You apply it to your forehead and neck before use to avoid getting any color on your skin.

For a perfect finishing, the box contains a cleaning cloth based on wheat proteins, chamomile and witch hazel. It gently but effectively cleanses the skin and removes any stains after coloring.

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

Practical gloves and shower cap

To ensure that the application is carried out cleanly, gloves are included in the box. These are made of nitrile, are comfortable to wear, strong and especially suitable for delicate hands. The shower cap protects during exposure and ensures a shiny result.

Sustainability is important to Mia Lou. That's why the box, the packaging and - wherever possible - the components are recyclable. Only the developer bottle, gloves and shower cap belong in the trash.

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