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What is included in the colors?

Mia Lou's colors offer you professional salon results with the luxury of not having to leave the house. The colors contain the necessary chemical base ingredients for excellent gray coverage and long-lasting results. With the power of natural ingredients like argan oil, they highlight your hair's natural shine.

In our colors you will find: Aqua, emulsifier, cocamide, propylene glycol, alcohol, oleic acid, ethanolamine, sodium sulfite, ascorbic acid, sodium hydrosulfite, binding agent, linalool, Linum usitatissimum extract, Argania spinosa extract, perfume.

How many colors are available?

The color palette covers all the main shades of blonde, brown, black and red tones.

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How often should I color my hair?

We recommend waiting at least two weeks between hair colorings.

On average, hair coloration is applied every 4 to 6 weeks: more often if you have gray hair that you want to cover or if you want your hair to shine with a new, stronger color shine.

Should I do an allergy test before use even though I have already colored my hair?

We believe that it is important to do an allergy test before using any color. Your body can react to hair coloring at any time, even if you haven't noticed any problems with previous color applications.

How do I do the allergy test?

Use soap and water to clean a 1 cm round area, for example in the crook of your elbow. Pat the area dry. Using a plastic object (not metal) in a plastic or glass container, mix a few drops of developer with a few drops of hair dye. Immediately close the developer bottle and paint tube again.

Apply the mixture to the test area (e.g. elbow) with a cotton ball. Let them dry. Do not wash, cover, or otherwise treat the test area containing the mixture for the next 48 hours.

If there are any reactions around the test area - such as redness, burning, itching, swelling, rash, or other irritation - please consult a doctor before using color on your hair.

If you haven't had an allergic reaction, then we hope you enjoy using the Mia Lou hair colorations.

Why should I only color my hairline?

If you have already colored your hair before, there is no need to apply the color all over your hair because you only need to color the untreated new hair at the roots.

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How do I know how gray I am?

If you have colored hair, take a close look at the untreated hairline/your natural hair color.

How do I determine my hair color family?

We basically distinguish between four main color families: black, brown, blonde and red. To determine which color family suits you, look at all of your hair and select the color family that most closely resembles your hair.

I'm not sure... Should I choose the lighter or darker tone?

Use the lighter shade if you can't decide. Dying hair darker is easier. Coloring your hair much lighter afterwards is not easy to do without special means.

I have gray hair in places. What should I do to cover these?

We recommend that you apply the color to the gray areas first so that these areas have more time to let the color take effect. Then move on to coloring the rest of your hair.

How much darker or lighter can I dye my hair?

With Mia Lou's professional at-home color solution, you can go up to a shade lighter to lighten your color-treated hair.

To lighten your hair even more, we recommend that you have it lightened in a hairdressing salon.

Going darker is easier. You can go up to two shades darker with our color solution.

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Where does Mia Lou deliver?

We deliver to Switzerland and all European countries. We generally ship our products to every other place in the world. However, we need to check and confirm shipping.

How much is the shipping?

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein , delivery costs of CHF 6 will be charged.

Other European countries will be charged CHF 10 delivery costs.

Other countries will be charged CHF 15 delivery costs.

How long does it take to receive my Hair Studio-in-a-Box?

If you live in Switzerland, your order will reach you within 2-3 working days after receiving your order confirmation. If you have chosen a subscription service, the next order will be delivered at the time specified by you.

If you live in Germany or Austria, your order will reach you within 3-5 working days after receiving your order confirmation.

If you live in another part of Europe, your order will reach you within 5-8 working days after receiving your order confirmation.

Shipping to other countries will be checked by us after receipt of the order.

What happens if I'm not happy with my results?

If you are not completely satisfied with the results of your Mia Lou hair color, please let us know by email . We will contact you immediately and find a solution together: Either we start a new attempt together with one of our professional color experts or you will receive a refund.

How do I change the shipping frequency or nuance of the subscription service?

You can change, adapt – or even terminate your subscription at any time. Ultimately, your life with Mia Lou should be a little more uncomplicated and beautiful. Your Mia Lou Cockpit offers you exactly that. With one click of the mouse you have a complete overview of Mia Lou and everything is under control with your subscription cockpit:

How can I pay?

One-time order:

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Why does gray hair become lighter than the rest of my hair?

Gray hair tends to be color resistant. So it won't absorb the color as much as the rest of your hair. To prevent gray hair from remaining too light, apply the color to the gray hair at the beginning of the application so that the color can work there longer than on the rest of the hair.

Why is the hair around my face darker than the rest of my hair after coloring?

The hair around your face is often finer and more porous than the rest of your hair. Fine porous hair absorbs color more easily. To prevent it from becoming too dark, apply the color to this section of your hair at the end of the application so that it lasts for a shorter time than the rest.

What happens if I leave the hair color on longer than stated in my instructions?

It is important to read the step-by-step instructions carefully before applying the paint so that you know the details of each step.

Leaving the color on longer than directed may affect the results of the shade. Remember that we are working with natural chemical reactions that are influenced by air and time. In specific cases the color may be darker/lighter than desired.

However, apart from the effect on the color result, no other consequences are to be expected.

What should I do after coloring?

After coloring your hair and washing it with Mia Lou's regenerating shampoo and conditioner, blow dry it, put on your favorite outfit, put on makeup and admire yourself and your new stunning self in the mirror! Rejoice and enjoy your success...

... and don't forget to send us your selfie or post it on our Facebook page!!

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