Hurrah, I'm pregnant! But what do I do with my gray hair??

October 23, 2017

Hurrah, I'm pregnant! But what do I do with my gray hair??

Hearty congratulations!

There are various ways to gently refresh your hair color and add new nuances.

Our ingredients

Argan oil

The properties of argan oil ensure that the color penetrates deeper into the pores of the hair and thus achieves a better, more intense and longer-lasting result.

The hair is repaired and revitalized from root to tip so that it shines even more beautifully, silky and soft.


Flaxseed is not only a miracle cure for digestion. The nourishing, soothing oils are also good for the hair. They form a natural layer that protects the hair and gives it fresh radiance for longer.

Oleic acid

This ingredient can be found in most natural plant oils and gives our hair color its beautiful texture and fine consistency.

Important to know: Color deviations are possible during pregnancy!

The changed hormonal balance ensures that the hair reacts differently to the coloring substances. Many women notice that their hair changes structurally during pregnancy. It will be fuller, shinier, perhaps unruly or softer…

No matter which type of hair coloring you choose, you should note that the color result may vary.

The following applies: the more the color mixture deviates from your natural tone, the more likely the deviation from the usual color result is.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions in your Mia Lou box and carry out an allergy test in advance to be on the safe side.

Find your color

With these tips you are now well prepared for your next coloring. Now all you have to do is find the right color. Our online color advice will help you with this.

Click through these 5 questions and we will show you which Mia Lou color suits your hair.

Find hair color

...And now happy hair coloring! We wish you a wonderful pregnancy!

With Love

Mia Lou

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