Cool Chantal

April 26, 2018

Cool Chantal

"I've never colored my hair myself since I was a teenager because it's far too dangerous: something could go wrong and then you have to walk around with it. So today for the first time in what feels like 100 years - the gray hair was just annoying."

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

"I ordered a set from Mia Lou that contains professional hair dye"

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

"I don't know how you see it, I think it's totally successful! That sounds a lot like surreptitious advertising, but I know it's not - Indian word of honor (I'm far too unimportant for that here). I'm just enjoying it so much I want to share this!"

Mia Lou hair styling and hair color Brown

Chantal's Choice

She dyes with Jade Light Brown - 6.37

It's actually not that difficult to dye your hair yourself and you save yourself appointments at the hairdresser. The most important thing is to use the right hair color. This is quick and easy with our online color finder. Give it a try.

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