Little hairstyle Change with Mia Lou

February 06, 2018

Little hairstyle Change with Mia Lou

One month ago, I decided to try a little change with my hair. I knew, I wanted them a little darker again and I tried fringe for the first time.

I wasn't sure if fringe suits to me…so I grabbed a scissor and did “kind of fringe” by myself. I liked it! So, I tried the “real fringe”. No regrets so far!



Why I choose Mia Lou for coloring my hair?

Easy, it's a Swiss brand! The color is created by Italian experts with the newest technique of hair coloring. Everything from the cute pink packaging is made and boxed in Switzerland. The coloring is made with natural ingredients like linseed and arganoil. You won't find any ammonia and paraben in it. Mia Lou does not do animal experiments!

How I find the color

I skyped with the lovely founder from Mia Lou and she decided with their experts my color. I just had to send some pictures of my hair and my expectations for the new color. You can try it out the same way I did.

The Price

39 sfr. plus delivery or 33 sfr. if you sign for a non-binding subscription (you choose the delivery times)

What's inside the box?

– protective cream
– plastic gloves
– color and developer (Bario light brown)
– shampoo
- hair conditioner
– instruction step by step

My Mia Lou experience

Simona's Choice

She dyes herself with Bario Light Brown - 6.0

It's actually not that difficult to dye your hair yourself and you save yourself appointments at the hairdresser. The most important thing is to use the right hair color. This is quick and easy with our online color finder. Give it a try.

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