7 tips: How to properly color your gray roots

February 22, 2017

Back to pre-white glory! But how?

White hair has its own personality - and it's usually uncooperative. The texture can be coarse, stubborn and unruly, making it resistant to hair color.

1. Front first

When you begin the coloring process, make sure you apply the color to the front area first. Typically across your crown and front hair contours.

2. Apply thickly

Make sure the hairline is completely saturated with the dye. It may even be beneficial to apply a second coat of color to ensure that all of your gray hairs are completely covered with hair color.

3. Two layers

When you have finished your application, check and apply another layer of hair color. Only on hairline.

4. Use a color cap during the exposure time

Use a color cap to cover your hair and trap heat for the application process. This is already included in our Mia Lou pampering box.

5. Extend the exposure time

The bristly white hairs need a longer exposure time. I recommend that you leave the hair color on for up to 40 minutes so that the hair color can penetrate completely into the hair.

6. Choose a darker tone

If you are not satisfied with the coverage of your gray hair, next time just use a darker shade for the stubborn gray roots.

7. Regularity

Write a fixed monthly date for coloring your hair into your calendar. Coloring your hair once a month is a good rule of thumb. Alternatively, you can simply set up automatic delivery of your hair color . This means your hair color will always be delivered to your home on time.

Find the right gray cover with our online color finder

I hope our tips help you get rid of your gray roots. It's actually not that difficult to dye your hair yourself and you save yourself the annoying appointments at the hairdresser. The most important thing is to use the right hair color. This should be chosen to match the amount of gray in your hair. This is quick and easy with our online color finder. Give it a try.

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