Did you know that all of our Mia Lou boxes are made by hand?

November 06, 2018

We are grateful to have found HPV!

HPV is a regionally based institution that comprehensively supports people with disabilities from childhood to old age. The goal is a dignified, largely self-determined and community-oriented life.

Behind each of our boxes is a group of fantastic people who treat each box like a unique diamond. Every step is taken with so much care so that there are no errors or defects.

The first step is to create the outer box. It is the main component and provides stability for transport, is easy to carry (especially if you have to carry it with your many other letters) and is beautiful!

Then comes the insert to ensure that all accessories and colors are correctly placed and secure during transport.

The accessories are all placed in exactly the compartment intended for them so that you always know where to find them. Of course we can't forget the soft black lace, which gives the Mia Lou box its charmingly elegant touch.

When the box is finished with its compartments, it is given the color components and the final touch. Each box is hand-created individually to your needs, including color, personalized note from Mia Lous herself and why not...a little surprise!

It is then carefully sealed, addressed and... off to the post office!

Find your color and support us in continuing to be socially committed and give lots of joy to people with disabilities .

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