Coloring your hair during pregnancy: How dangerous is it for the child?

May 07, 2019

Expectant mothers also want to look pretty during pregnancy and, for example, do their hair. But they are often unsure: Can I dye my hair while pregnant? Many things that were unproblematic in every woman's everyday life are suddenly questioned during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Hair color during pregnancy

Read what the expert advises on this topic, Dr. Wolfgang Paulus, specialist in gynecology in Ravensburg, said in the Brigitte Mom magazine: “No complications are known from local use other than skin hypersensitivity reactions. There is also no evidence of possible embryonic damage when used externally for bleaching agents such as ammonium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide. As long as the ingredients are not absorbed to a large extent (e.g. orally), there is no risk of harm to children caused by hair dyes during pregnancy.

Be careful when coloring your hair in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy...

The experts advise caution, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Because there are a lot of things you should avoid during these 12 weeks. If you can wait, you should postpone the hair coloring experience a little.

Don't forget the allergy test...

If you still want to dye, you should do the allergy test - even if you have already done it with the same color. During pregnancy, the hormonal balance and the quality of the hair change. Not only can the color be different than before, but the susceptibility to allergies can also be increased.

Adjusting the color shade during pregnancy...

During pregnancy, the entire body changes due to hormonal changes - right down to the tips of your hair. The hormones influence the hair structure. When you color your hair during pregnancy, the results may be different than you might be used to. It is best to choose a hair color that is closest to your natural color . If you need help with this – with this online advice you can quickly and easily find the right hair color.

Use hair colors without ammonia and parabens...

Hair stylists and doctors agree that only products without ammonia should be used. That's why choose ammonia-free and paraben-free hair colors. Here you can find more information about the gentle ingredients Mia Lou hair colors that contain argan oil, for example.

Reduce skin contact with hair color to a minimum...

Reduce skin contact to the minimum. Don't leave the hair color on longer than necessary. For dark hair colors we recommend a maximum of 30 minutes exposure time. For blonde tones you can wait 45 minutes - the longer the lighter, the hair must then be washed thoroughly. You can find the entire range here .

Hair color pregnancy with argan oil | Mia Lou

We warmly congratulate you and wish you a nice pregnancy.

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