Can I mix different shades/hair colors together?

February 13, 2017

Theoretically, it is possible to mix different hair colors from the same line. The color result depends on your starting color.

Let's assume that one color is too dark for you and the other is too light, then you can of course mix the basic tones together, for example Mia Lou Bario Light Brown - 6.0 and Mia Lou Pirita Blond - 7.0

Base tone recipe

  • 30g Bario Light Brown - 6.0 + 30g Pirita Blond - 7.0 = 60g color mass
  • mix 60g of oxidizing agent
  • This makes 120g of color paste.
  • Exposure time: as usual 30 minutes.

Pro tip

However, if you have 50% - 100% gray content, I recommend extending the exposure time by up to 10 minutes so that the gray hair has enough time to absorb the color and cover it completely.

    Tanja used this mixture. Here is your color result.

    Mia Lou hair styling and hair color

    I hope our tips help you get rid of your approach. It's actually not that difficult to dye your hair yourself and you save yourself appointments at the hairdresser. The most important thing is to use the right hair color. This is quick and easy with our online color finder. Give it a try.

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