That's what the hairdresser says

December 18, 2016

That's what the hairdresser says

Rolf Baettig, master hairdresser from “Beauty, Hair, Parfumerie Baettig St. Gallen” tested Mia Lou.

I like the presentation of the box. I find the idea of ​​regularly receiving all the utensils needed for dyeing hair at home innovative and customer-friendly.

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

Handling is simple. You simply squeeze the color into the bottle using the dosing comb. This is where the developer is located, which ensures that the color is absorbed by the hair.

Mia Lou hair color hair studio-in-a-box

The result surprised me: the color impresses with a high degree of coverage and makes the hair shine! Many people dye their hair at home from time to time, but with “Mia Lou” it’s a lot easier and, above all, more stylish! For an all-round perfect coloring, I still recommend a visit to the hairdresser every now and then!

You can read the whole article here . Enjoy it!

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Mia Lou

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